Fancy joining Endurance Martial Arts Academy? Due to demand we had to limit the number of spaces for new trial and new students that wish to join Endurance.

Kickstart Your Journey: A Week of Unlimited Kickboxing Classes at Endurance Martial Arts Academy!

Are you ready to unleash your inner warrior and embark on an exciting adventure of self-discovery and growth? Look no further because Endurance Martial Arts Academy is inviting you to experience the thrill of our Kickboxing classes with an exclusive offer - a week of unlimited classes!

Northampton Martial Arts
Northampton Children's Karate

Parents with Children (Ages 5 and Up):

Building Character: Our Kickboxing classes instill essential values like respect, perseverance, and self-discipline, nurturing a positive and respectful attitude.

Increased Physical Fitness: As your child moves and engages in martial arts training, they'll build strength, flexibility, and coordination.
Confidence and Self-Esteem: Mastering new techniques and earning belts will boost your child's confidence, empowering them to tackle challenges with a positive mindset.

Anti-Bullying Skills: We focus on teaching conflict resolution and non-violent methods, enabling your child to handle bullying situations assertively.

Fun and Safe Environment: Our experienced instructors create a nurturing atmosphere that prioritizes safety while making each class an enjoyable experience.

Teenagers Kickboxing
Adult Martial Arts

Adults & Teenagers 13+

Unleash Your Power: Kickboxing is a high-energy martial art that will help you channel your inner strength and release stress while building confidence in your abilities.

Boost Your Fitness: With each dynamic kick and punch, you'll torch calories, improve cardiovascular endurance, and tone muscles, leaving you feeling stronger and more energized.

Learn Practical Self-Defence: Our expert instructors will teach you effective self-defense techniques, empowering you to protect yourself and others when needed.

Forge New Friendships: Join our vibrant community of like-minded individuals, forming bonds that extend beyond the training floor.

Unlock Mental Focus: Kickboxing demands focus and discipline, which will enhance your concentration both inside and outside the academy.

Ladies Kickboxing Experience Week

Empower Yourself with Kickboxing: Dive into the world of kickboxing, a vibrant martial art that not only taps into your inner strength but also serves as a powerful stress reliever. As you train, watch your confidence soar.

Elevate Your Fitness Game: Experience the thrill of kickboxing where every punch and kick is a step towards burning calories, boosting your heart health, and sculpting your muscles. Feel the surge of strength and energy with every session.

Master Self-Defence Skills: Under the guidance of our seasoned instructors, learn practical and effective self-defence techniques. Gain the confidence and skills to protect yourself and your loved ones in any situation.

Connect and Thrive: Be part of our supportive and enthusiastic community. Forge lasting friendships with fellow kickboxing enthusiasts, creating a network of support and camaraderie both on and off the mat.

Sharpen Your Mental Acuity: Kickboxing is more than physical prowess; it's a mental exercise in focus and discipline. Notice the positive impact on your concentration and mental clarity, extending well beyond our academy walls.

Join us at Endurance Martial Arts Academy 

Unlock a world of empowerment, growth, and exhilarating experiences! Whether you're a teenager, adult, or parent with a child eager to start their martial arts journey, our Kickboxing classes have something incredible to offer. Grab your an Experience week now and discover the transformative power of martial arts!

Don't miss this chance to kickstart your journey with us - see you at the academy soon!

Please note that this offer is subject to availability, so make sure to book your spot early!

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to be fit or have previous experience?
    The answer is no, we'll help you with your goal which may change as you train with us.
  • Am I to old?
    Our classes are designed for anyone aged 5+ with no upper age limit, our oldest student to take their first belt grading is 70 years old.
  • Do I need any equipment?
    Open the main menu in the app and find the Extensions tab. Click on it to open the Extensions list.
  • What should I wear?
    Something comfortable like normal gym wear, we don't wear shoes on the mats and bare is preferred.
  • How do I sign up?
    Click on the links to be taken to the booking page.

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